Why you shouldn't use Instagram Like bots

Are you using Instagram (IG) bots to automate activity on your account? Well, there could be some benefits to using IG bots, such as providing comments, direct messages, followers, and likes.

But did you know that it's not advisable to use IG like bots?

How Instagram bots work

If you have an Instagram account, you would definitely be happy if you actually have followers, likes and views, right? Well, that can take a lot of time to manage social media. One way to achieve this is to use Instagram bots.

Such bots can follow other accounts, leave comments and publish posts on a targeted account list. This will help increase engagement, followers, and reach. That means you definitely need to use bots to maximize your full potential.

But why not use IG bots?

  • You can make insensitive comments

Since bots cannot take into account the context or captions in a photo, they can only add comments based on hashtags. Thus, it can pose many problems, some worse than others.

  • No real commitment

It's important to note that Instagram bots simply can't replace human interactions. This is because many people can recognize a comment that is not from a real person. Therefore, such comments can have very low engagement.

  • Crowded Instagram feed

Since you follow thousands of accounts, a random feed is not surprising. So if you add more random followers to your network, posts from relevant people will simply get lost.

Note that your feeds will really cause you problems if you prefer Instagram and connect to your network.

  • Violation of IG's Terms of Use

Using Instagram's access to its API without the platform's permission is clearly a violation of its terms of service. So if you use bots as social media tools that violate Instagram's API, you could be banned.

  • Daily and hourly limits

There are limits set by Instagram social media management based on age, number of activities and followers. This means that a typical user has no more than 60 comments, 60 likes follows / unfollows and 150 likes per hour.

Only bots can be able to comment, follow and like many posts for a given period of time.

  • Shadow ban

One way or another, Instagram will recognize that your activities are unnatural. The shadow ban will be the consequence of that. As a result, the content will not be visible to non-followers. Your images will not show up in others' posts, regardless of what hashtags or Instagram campaigns you use in your post.

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Manuel Roessler

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