That's why we build DotSimple

Our vision is to help companies realize their full potential on social media. That's why we developed DotSimple, a social media automation tool that helps companies plan, create and publish content on various platforms. 

While we acknowledge the existence of numerous social media marketing software choices, we are convinced that .simple stands out as a valuable asset to any business, thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities.

The birth of DotSimple

The idea was born about 3 years ago when our team was working on implementing a social media project for a client.

We employed an array of tools such as Discord, email, Google Docs, Google Drive, and Canva to foster team collaboration. However, as the project advanced, we realised that pivotal information was dispersed across platforms, leading to inadvertent oversight.

This realization propelled the creation of .simple - an all-inclusive social media automation tool designed to streamline team collaboration and empower businesses to harness their complete potential in the realm of social media..

Less sub-channels, more clarity

Team members left comments directly in Google Docs, while others provided feedback through Discord. Ideas were exchanged via email, and images were shared on WhatsApp, creating a scattered approach.

We found ourselves sifting through messages, Google Docs comments, and lengthy email threads in search of crucial information.

This lack of organization led to heightened stress levels and negatively impacted team productivity.

While each tool excelled in its designated purpose, they didn't harmonize seamlessly. Continually toggling between these platforms proved to be highly inefficient and posed severe challenges in maintaining oversight.

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