Never buy fake Instagram likes: here's why

Do you know fake likes on Instagram (IG)? Not all people know the true meaning of fake followers on IG, but many of them may already be using them.

So if you're thinking of buying fake likes, here are things you might want to know more about.

Understand false preferences

It's important to understand what fake likes on Instagram mean. That's because after buying fake likes or using Instagram bots, you won't be able to tell which ones are real or not.

The fake likes from an Instagram campaign are created because the services that sell them create thousands of fake IG accounts. Therefore, they use them to respond to your posts.

People buy fake likes

People buy them because they are tempted to earn the easy way influencers do. Since influencers buy fake followers, it's important to buy likes so they can confirm their popularity.

As influencers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per Instagram post per marketing post, people are also considering buying their own followers.

However, if you do this, you will only increase your number of followers and not your engagement rate, which would be relatively stuck at the level you started at.

Regardless of whether you buy a thousand or ten thousand likes, they won't really interact with your posts. That's because fake accounts aren't real people in the first place.

It's a bad idea for bloggers

Buying followers and likes can be a bad social media tool. Here are some reasons why you should never buy fake Instagram likes.

  • It's pointless to flood Instagram with URLs
  • It is not cheap to buy all these pendants
  • Organic followers may notice an influx of spam, causing consternation of your unethical practices
  • Instagram is now better at monitoring spammers than other social media platforms
  • A fake following is risky, as a smart brand may dig a little deeper into your account and discover some discrepancies

Real and fake social media friends

If you buy real followers, they may not live near you. Note that the connections you need to build are those who are most likely to be interested in your business. They could be home buyers and sellers who live in your neighborhood.

This means you could end up alienating your real followers and connections. Since companies that sold your followers already have access to your account, you can put your account at risk as they might use it to spam your real followers.

You could send ads to their services or get you to follow other customer accounts they own. This can turn your profile into a follower of many unrelated companies. Real followers who get annoyed with this scheme can cause them to unfollow you, which puts you in a position to lose your potential business.

Last words

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Manuel Roessler

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