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Case Study: Streamlining Social Media Marketing through Automation Tools

Automation & Scheduler
Fairplay 1190
Our Rule:
Automated Scheduler & Planner
Automation & Scheduler
Fairplay 1190
Our Rule:
Automated Scheduler & Planner

Fairplay 1190, a restaurant that strongly recognizes the potential of social media marketing, maintains an active presence across major social networks. However, managing multiple social media profiles for consistent follower engagement posed a significant challenge.

In response, the company strategized to leverage automation tools for social media marketing. Here is a list of key tools that Fairplay 1190 currently utilizes for this purpose.

The challenge

When managing several accounts on different social platforms, various tabs have to be opened or the cell phone pulled out. At the most extreme time, 9 tabs and various apps were active - Using DotSimple to manage social media

Automating Every Step

DotSimple is a tool for managing social media. Fairplay 1190 is a company that benefits the most from DotSimple. In fact, DotSimple helps the company create and manage multiple social media marketing campaigns with ease.

  • 1 browser tab for all accounts
  • Access to all social channels simultaneously
  • Feature rich dashboard

Unified Browsing Experience

DotSimple is a web-based tool. This means that the entire Fairplay 1190 team can access it. And without having to install any software.

The feature-rich dashboard further enhanced their management capabilities.

User-Friendly Features

DotSimple provides access to free courses to help businesses get started with running social media marketing campaigns. With help and support available within clicking distance, Fairplay 1190 was able to get the most out of DotSimple for social media marketing automation.

Planner's Benefits

Fairplay 1190 gathers ideas and inspiration for the next blog or social media post by searching the web and major social networks for relevant content with your keywords. All within the DotSimple interface.

Enhancing Engagement with Reusable Content

Each published post could be configured for repeated sharing across social platforms, with customizable intervals easily set by Fairplay 1190. This strategy led to greater post visibility and heightened engagement.

Tailored Posts for Each Network

Effortlessly customizing posts for specific networks allowed Fairplay 1190 to optimize headlines, hashtags, and mentions, maximizing engagement on each platform.

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

Relying on conventional methods of social media management carries the inherent risk of overlooking crucial messages, which can result in customer dissatisfaction. However, the implementation of a universal inbox effectively addresses this challenge, as exemplified by RechtEasy's remarkable accomplishment of attaining 100% customer satisfaction.

"In the business landscape, placing utmost importance on customer contentment is pivotal. RechtEasy's attainment of this objective was greatly facilitated by the adoption of a universal inbox, guaranteeing that no customer was overlooked or underserved."

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